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08-27 2019

Luye Pharma Accelerates Xuezhikang’s Route to Global Market - Grants Exclusive Promotional Rights to AstraZeneca in Singapore

Author:Luye Life Sciences

Luye Pharma has announced that it has entered an agreement with AstraZeneca, the terms of which grant the latter exclusive rights to promote Luye Pharma’s natural lipid-regulating drug Xuezhikang Capsules in Singapore. In March this year, the two parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding for intent to form a strategic partnership to jointly explore opportunities for Xuezhikang Capsules in international markets. The agreement marks an increase of Xuezhikang’s pace en route to the global market.

Xuezhikang Capsules are registered in Singapore under the brand name Lipascor®. According to the agreement, AstraZeneca will hold exclusive Lipascor® promotion rights in Singapore, while Luye Pharma retains the asset rights, commercial sales rights, registration permit, all intellectual property rights and all other rights not related to product promotion.

Xuezhikang Capsules, a natural lipid-regulating drug independently developed by Luye Pharma, has completed FDA Phase II clinical studies in the United States and has been approved by the Health Sciences Authority for marketing in Singapore. Currently, the product is also available in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and other markets. Its lipid-regulating efficacy and safety have been confirmed not only by multiple large-scale, evidence-based clinical studies, but also by doctors and patients from various countries through long-term clinical application.

To speed up accessibility of this high-quality natural lipid-regulating drug in a growing number of international markets, Luye Pharma’s March MOU with AstraZeneca aims at deepening the strategic partnership for global commercialization of Xuezhikang Capsules, especially in emerging markets and the U.S. market. The two parties hope to leverage their respective resources and product advantages in China and other markets to jointly promote Xuezhikang Capsules to more countries and regions around the world, accelerating the international development of this high-quality drug made in China.

Talking about the collaboration’s prospects, a senior management representative at Luye Pharma is full of confidence, “By leveraging AstraZeneca's long-term expertise in the cardiovascular therapeutic field, both in terms of its excellent academic promotion and extensive distribution network, we hope to expand the accessibility of Xuezhikang further, bringing its benefits to more Singaporean patients. Singapore is one of the first international markets and an important milestone for our international collaboration. We look forward to working with AstraZeneca closely to speed up the adoption of Xuezhikang Capsules in various international markets. This initiative is also another step forward in Luye Pharma’s global growth strategy."

In January this year, AstraZeneca obtained the exclusive promotion rights for Xuezhikang Capsules in mainland China, becoming one of the first large multinational pharmaceutical companies to promote quality Chinese medicine. This strong partnership has achieved good preliminary results, with significant expansion in both markets and sales channels for Xuezhikang Capsules in China.

About Xuezhikang

Developed by Luye Pharma Group, Xuezhikang is a natural lipid-regulating medicine made by fermenting special red yeast rice using modern technology. Xuezhikang Capsules can regulate abnormal blood lipids by reducing total blood cholesterol, triglycerides and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and by improving high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, inhibiting the formation of atherosclerotic plaque, protecting vascular endothelial cells and inhibiting lipid deposition in the liver. Its lipid-regulating efficacy has been verified by multiple evidence-based clinical trials, and internationally recognized by clinicians and patients.  

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