Global R&D

Luye Pharma is a global cutting edge company in terms of research into new drug delivery technologies, such as microspheres, liposomes and transdermal drug delivery systems. The company is forward looking, with strategic development of innovative new compounds and antibodies, gene & cell therapies and smart formulations.

R&D Centers
  • China

    Key R&D Capabilities: Long-acting and Extended Release Technology; Liposome and Targeted Drug Delivery Technology; Biological Antibody Technology

  • U.S.A

    Key R&D Capabilities: International R&D Collaboration and Exploratory Study for Innovative Drugs

  • Europe

    Key R&D Capabilities: Transdermal Drug Delivery Technology

R&D Platforms

Gene, Cell Therapy
Technologies and Digitalization

Gene Therapy 

CAR-T Immunotherapy 

Stem Cell Therapy 

Digitalization and Smart Formulations

Advanced Drug
Delivery System Technology

Liposome & Targeted Drug Delivery

5investigational products

Long-acting & Extended Release

11investigational products

Transdermal Drug Delivery System

8investigational products

Biological Antibody

Joint development with partners


investigational drugs under clinical
trials stage



investigational products at the early R&D phase

  • Liposome technology

    A liposome is a miniscule bubble (vesicle) made out of similar material to a human cell membrane that can be filed with active pharmaceutical ingredients, including macromolecules such as proteins and peptides Liposomes can vary in size and the number of bilayers,

  • Microsphere technology

    Microsphere technology utilises biodegradable polymer micrometre-sized particles that can encapsulate many types of drugs, including small molecules, proteins and nucleic acids, and are easily administered through injections Administered through subcutaneous or intramuscular injections, these formulations are designed for sustained release over a predetermined period of time from half a month to longer than one month

  • Transdermal system

    Transdermal system is kind of therapeutic drug for disease treatment or prevention, through which, drug was absorbed to whole blood circulation by vessels of dermis from epidermis and reach to the effective blood concentration

Robust Pipeline


As one of the first Chinese drug manufacturers to conduct clinical trials in global markets, Luye Pharma currently has several new drugs and drugs with innovative delivery technologies in the NDA submission and clinical-trial stages in the U.S.




R&D pipelines of 40 drug candidates in China, including 15oncology drugs,15 CNS drugs.



Global Manufacturing

Luye Pharma has 7 manufacturing sites with 30+ production lines. 6 manufacturing sites locate in Yantai, Nanjing, Beijing and Luzhou of China, 1 manufacturing site locate in Germany.

Facilities in China
  • Passed EU GMP inspections
  • Passed Australia TGA GMP inspections
  • Passed China 2010 GMP inspections
  • Obtained ISO9001:2008 QMS certification
  • Obtained ISO14001:2015 EMS certification
  • Obtained OHSAS18001:2007 certification
  • Obtained CNAS certification
Facilities in Germany
  • One of the largest independent TDS manufacturers in Europe, boasting highly sophisticated process and high barrier technologies
  • Passed FDA GMP inspections
  • Passed EU GMP inspections
  • Passed Japanese GMP inspections
Global Market

Luye Pharma focuses on therapeutic areas with the largest and fastest growth in demand — CNS, oncology, cardiovascular, and metabolism. Our key products have a leading position in their respective market segments.

Key Products

The only chemical sensitizer for cancer radiotherapy in China

Atypical anti-psychotic medicines with antidepressant properties

Lipusu: The paclitaxel liposome injection indicated for multiple cancers

The only Acarbose capsule in China managing Type 2 diabetes adjunct to diet control

The evidence-based and internationally recognized Chinese lipid-adjusting drug

The first-to-file generic product approved by the U.S. FDA, for treatment of Alzheimer's disease

For treatment of cerebral edema, swelling caused by trauma or surgery and venous reflux disorders

Marketing Network

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