EHS Resposibility

EHS Policy, Objectives and Commitments

EHS Policy

Focus on environment, health and safety to ensure sustainable development.

EHS objectives

Ensuring the integrated management system of environmental and occupational health and safety running in a normal way and improving it continuously.

EHS Commitments

Maintain the management system, take effective measures for continuous improvement, and correct and prevent any deviation from the environmental and occupational health and safety policy, and environmental and occupational health and safety objectives.
To ensure that all the employees strictly follow the company's environmental and occupational health and safety policy, objectives and commitments, with first-class management, quality products and satisfactory service to continuously provide high-tech products to serve the market.

Green Production

As a responsible enterprise, we always insist on protecting the environment and try our best to minimize any adverse impact of daily our operations on the environment. In business management, we try to control energy use, bring down the greenhouse gas emissions, air pollutant emissions, waste emissions and the disposal of chemicals in the production process.

We have always advocated Luye’s way of life and work, appealed to the employees to actively participate in the conservation and protection of the ecological environment, and encourage suppliers to work with us to make our home planet greener and more livable.

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