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Luye Life Sciences was established in 1994; comprises of four business segments, pharmaceutical, vaccine, healthcare and medical diagnostics. The Group focuses on the center nerve system, oncology, virus and pathogen, and cardiovascular fields. Our products and services spread across over 80 countries and regions around the world.

Pharmaceutical business: Luye Pharma Group is committed to the research, manufacturing and distribution of innovative drugs over the world. Luye Pharma has established R&D centers in China, the U.S. and Europe. The R&D expenses account for more than 15% of annual sales. Luye Pharma has 8 manufacturing sites with over 30 production lines and has launched over 30 products.

As a leading innovative pharmaceutical company in China, since 2021, 11 new products have successfully launched in China, the U.S. or Europe. Ruoxinlin is China’s first class 1 innovative chemical drug developed locally for the treatment of major depressive disorder and protected by intellectual property rights; Rykindo® is the first FDA approved new drug in the CNS therapeutic area developed in China, as well as the first FDA approved complex dosage form product developed by a pharmaceutical company on the Chinese mainland; Baituowei is the world’s only formulation of long-acting goserelin microspheres approved for launch in China. Besides, the company has 7 projects in the NDA/BLA stage and 8 projects in phrase III stage. With rich pipeline products including small molecules, innovative preparations and antibodies.

Luye Pharma is an international leader in advanced drug delivery systems such as microspheres, liposomes and transdermal drug delivery. The company has also achieved multiple innovations on its technical platforms for new chemical entities and antibodies, and is actively working in areas such as cell therapy and gene therapy.


Healthcare business: Luye Medical Group has nearly 30 medical institutions across Australia, China and Singapore, including Aurora, one of the largest mental health institution in Australia. leveraging its overseas professional resources, Luye Medical is building an integrated and evidence-based treatment system tailor-made for the Chinese population. Luye Medical aim to be a leader in high-growth specialties including mental health, and rehabilitation.

Vaccine Business: Patronus Biotech, a subsidiary of Luye Life Sciences Group, has established the only Universal Virus-like Particles (U-VLP) technology platform in China. It breaks through the limitations of traditional VLP technology in pathogen types, can be used for rapid development of a wide range of pathogenic vaccines with advantages in immunogenicity and safety, as well as stable and high-yield production with low production environment risks. Patronus has independently developed a series of vaccine products projects, such as broad-spectrum influenza vaccine, herpes zoster vaccine, respiratory syncytial virus vaccine, etc., all of which are vaccine products with high domestic demand.

Medical Diagnostic: Luye Diagnostics is the only company in the world that has three major automated technology platforms: high-throughput sequencing technology (NGS), uantitative Real-time PCR (RT-PCR) and near patient testing PCR (NPT PCR). We have successfully launched the only NGS-based HIV genotyping assay in the world; which has been approved by the U.S. FDA and CE-IVD. We are also independently developing the first HP typing and drug resistance gene detection reagent product in China.

With life sciences as its core, Luye Life Sciences explores and enacts synergistic innovation in the field of pharmaceutical, vaccine, healthcare and medical diagnostics, committing to provide patient-centered innovated products, technology and services with clinical value, to solve challenging diseases and public health problem for people to live longer and enhance lives.

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