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People Strategy

Since the incorporation of Luye, we have always valued employees as the most precious fortune of the Company and the driving power for the sustainable development of the enterprise.

During the practice of our mission “Professional Technology Serves Human Health”, we have been taking “customer-oriented, efficient operation and employee achievements” as our business philosophy. Talent strategy is one of the important strategies of the Company, and the Company adopts proactive human resource policies to attract, develop and retain excellent talents. We care for the physical and mental health and life guarantee of our employees, advocate healthy life and happy work, and make every efforts to become one of the best companies to work for.

Luye, employees have the sense of identity, the sense of belonging, the sense of achievement, and the sense of security!

Luye will build a platform for its employees to release their potentials and make their dreams come true!

Staff training

General quality training

In order to help employees deeply understand and actively practice the enterprise’s culture, improve professional quality, master work skills, we runs its online and offline training courses, such as Enterprise Culture, Professional Quality, Effective Communication, Emotion Management, etc.

Post skills training

We has a large number of experienced and skilled internal business experts, who provide real-time training, counseling and experience sharing during the work, so that employees’ post skills can be improved through meaningful interaction. We also send employees to attend external courses or lecturers.

Induction training for new employees

We annually organize a series training programs for college students in vocational skills and literacy. These programs also cover Luye’s culture, rules and regulations, etc. Senior staff guide the tutor and assist the staff to improve their post competence at the earliest.

Leadership training

In order to improve the leadership ability of enterprise managers, the company has designed and planned leadership improvement projects, which help managers continuously improve their leadership from three dimensions, namely, self-leading, team-leading, and business-leading, with an objective to stimulate team vitality and create excellent performance.

Evergreen Academy

Luye Evergreen Academy is a skill traning program which mainly targets its own employees.

Mission Centripetal force of Luye Culture
Develop key talents
Support innovation and transformation
Vision Driving force of corporate strategic development
Incubator of organizational transformation and innovation
Accelerator of employee development
Learning Concept Breakthrough
Happy learning
Create value

Jingying Talent Project::Key talents in professional fields (university graduates)

Qihang Talent Project::Primary management staff

Yangfan Talent Project::Middle management staff

Linghang Talent Project::Senior management staff

Career development

Career development is our long-term commitment to our employees. The company has established multi-channel career development paths, such as R & D, professional technology, management, sales, etc. The company encourages employees to choose appropriate career development channels based on their interests, career experience, personal ability and job needs so as to give full play to their potential and realize the sustainable development between the company and themselves.