Committed to developing novel vaccines against major infectious diseases and public health threats worldwide

Patronus Biotech
Technology Platform

Unique U-VLP (Universal VLP) platform
Breaks through the limitations of traditional VLP technology in pathogen types

  • Stable and high yield:

    Breaks bottlenecks of traditional VLP manufacturing technology

  • Broad spectrum:

    Can be used for rapid development of a wide range of pathogenic vaccines, including emergency products such as COVID vaccine

  • Stronger efficacy:

    Particle presentation improves the immunogenicity of otherwise poorly immunogenic protein antigens, together with steric presentation promotes conserved epitopes recognition thus higher broadly neutralising antibody titers

Commercial plant of international-standard

Pilot workshop

Manufacture workshop


Pilot workshop
  • Located in the 1# building of Shandong International Biotechnology Park
  • It passed the EU QP certification in October 2021
Manufacture workshop
  • Located in building 26# and 27# of Industrial Park of Yantai high tech Zone
  • Phase I workshop has been put into use
  • The scale can meet the market demand