Overview of medical business

Luye Medical is the healthcare service division of Luye Life Sciences Group. Luye Medical is committed to becoming an innovative leading healthcare provider that  brings excellent outcomes to patients with dignity.

Mental health

Cover all age groups and focus on high incidence diseases

  • Children aged 3-12

    Learning disorder, hyperactivity disorder, tic disorder.

  • Adolescents / Yong adults aged 13-24

    Emotional disorders (anxiety, depression, manic bipolar disorder); Internet and game addiction; hyperactivity disorder; borderline personality disorder (BPD); eating disorders

  • Adults aged 25-64

    Affective disorder (anxiety, depression, manic bipolar disorder); sleep disorder; obsessive compulsive disorder; internet and game addiction; general psychological problems.

  • Perinatal population

    providing treatment and support to women experiencing mood disorders including anxiety and depression, in both pregnancy and postnatally.

    Business Presence


      more than 40 years of professional service experience

      10 dedicated mental health hospitals and 5 integrated hospitals with rehabilitation

      1000+ beds, around 300 credentialed psychiatrists

      250,000 inpatient days per year

      60,000 day patient attendances  per year


      Mindfront Shanghai Jing'an Clinic

      Xi'an Mindfront Hospital

      Xi'an Mindfront Clinic

      Mindfront Guangzhou Caring Clinic

      Mindfront Shenzhen Caring Clinic