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Luye Life Sciences Group Receives Two Awards Including “2021 Most Influential Brand of Social Responsibility”

2021 / 11 / 30 Publisher:Luye Life Sciences Group

On November 29, 2021, 2021 (4th) Social Responsibility Conference was held in Shanghai. Luye Life Sciences Group was awarded “2021 Most Influential Brand of Social Responsibility” and “Sustainable Development Contributor Enterprise of 2021” for its outstanding contributions to sustainable development and social responsibility, as well as its brand image of being a responsible corporate citizen.

Five Themes and Ten Actions for Sustainable Contributions to Exploration and Practice of Common Prosperity

Yang Liang, Vice President of Brand Image and Public Relations of Luye Life Sciences Group, attended the award ceremony and delivered a keynote speech. His speech, which received a warm response from the audience, was a systematic introduction of Luye Life Sciences Group’s exploration and practice in contributing to common prosperity, namely ten fruitful sustainable social responsibility activities centered on five themes: 1) support research and innovation and deepen collaboration with universities; 2) assist small and micro enterprises and promote industrial upgrading; 3) revitalize the rural economy and empower farmers to increase their incomes; 4) focus on primary health and share medical resources; 5) care for the disadvantaged and promote cultural and sports undertakings.

In particular, Mr. Yang mentioned that Luye Life Sciences Group has been exploring more sustainable forms of public welfare work, including joint-running schools with universities, funds and awards for science and technology talents, international biotech park, modern agricultural industrial park, patient assistance programs, community charity clinics, rehabilitation care programs, educational grants for poor students, poverty relief assistance for the needy, public cultural and sports projects, etc. He pointed out that to create sustainable value in its public welfare work, the company strives to innovate public welfare work models by leveraging its strong technologies, resources and commercial capability, and tackle social problems in a more efficient way by following business rationales. Its efforts for more sustainable public welfare work has allowed the company to create economic value while contributing significantly to social welfare.


A Journey Inspired by Social Responsibility

With a strong sense of social responsibility, Luye Life Sciences Group has always followed the principle of "equal emphasis on business and social value" while expanding its international business. It insists on green production and sustainable supply chain management, and focuses on encouraging innovation, assisting patients, supporting education and donating back to society.

This yea's Social Responsibility Conference, which is themed on "Join Forces to Create the Future", put an emphasis on responsible innovation and development, and witnessed multiparty dialogues covering topics like public welfare and social responsibility management. The event was attended by representatives from public welfare organizations and foundations, academic institutions and influential media, high-ranking officials, business leaders, and public figures. The guests discussed trending topics concerning public welfare, advocated the concept of sustainable development, and conveyed to the public the value of corporate brands in promoting public welfare.

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